"Memories of a bartender" awareness video project

As part of the Reality Shock campaign I ideated this video deliverable, about the evolving of social relationships from '50s to now, in the restricted environment of a bar and through the eyes of the same witness - the bartender. Here’s the storyboard I drafted.

Are there other members willing to participate and help advance this project advance from its current ideation phase to production? @MelodyLiu or anyone else?

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Hi @micheleminno, thanks for the mention! Great concept indeed - but it is a project that requires a lot of funding. The production design (set & wardrobe) alone will cost loads and it will take a while to produce. I think considering where we are as an organisation, the focus should really be building out the basic level marketing operation infrastructure and starting with simple assets that’s easy and cheap to produce - like graphics, blogs, editorial short form videos. And once the brand is established and funding arrived, then we can look at this sort of production for sure.


Thank you @MelodyLiu for your replay, yes I agree. What do you think of my other idea? It is fore feasible for sure… :smile:

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Nice story and storyboards! I’m not sure you could call the Chainsmokers music. Personally though I never missed being in a bar, or alcohol, or being a bartender. To be a lowlife addict who’s on social media… or a lowlife addict at a bar? I’ve probably just offended the 50% of Western society who drinks alcohol, but you know maybe it’s not all that it’s made up to be as the moral of “Saturday Night Fever” suggests.

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Yes the bar here is only a placeholder for a shared place with social relationships in act. I wanted to show how those changed along with the change in technology (from jukebox and pools to smartphone).

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Certainly it feels like we’ve lost most of our physical space for in person interaction. The space still literally exists, but if people are interacting digitally instead of in person both for work and for personal life, does that space still exist from a philosophical standpoint? Or conversely is the physical space now larger than ever before from a philosophical standpoint because it’s been extended by the internet? Or is it a “Brave New World” where our space has become crowded out by digital distractions, and philosophically speaking there is less space left (minus digital distractions and amusements) for what was once considered normal interaction?