Looking to collaborate, hire or partner with a marketing expert

Hi there! My new company America Offline is looking for a digital marketing guru to increase awareness and drive online signs-ups for our offline retreats.

Our companies mission is to help people develop mindful tech habits by teaching tech-life balance. I started the company after witnessing first hand the negative impact of smartphone and technology on teens. Our goal is to create transformational offline experiences which allow people to disconnect so they can reconnect with themselves, others and nature. We are launching experiences in 6 cities for the 2020 summer and need to enhance our online presence.

Please check us out at www.americaoffline.info

We are looking for someone to guide us and potentially get their hands dirty with the following efforts:

  • SEO/Google adwords
  • Social media stategy
  • FB/IG ads
  • Click funnels
  • Email marketing calendars/Mailchimp
  • Website feedback

Please feel free to email me at David@americaoffline.info info if you are interested!

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