Last message before 3 months staycation

Hi my dear friends of this small community,

This is my last post, before I zoom out and mingle with real friends and family, have some rest… some vacation and real relaxation. Because I am exhausted by all the work I did to create more engagement here, while working completely voluntary without earning any money, and slowly burning down the small amount of personal savings that I own.

My vacation is not a holiday, but a ‘Job Searching Quest’ to fulfill my oblications to the Dutch government to seek income fast and get off social security, that the past months kept me involved in vacancy search while juggling the many requests that came from you inspiring people and the outside curiosity had me continuously explaining and explaining - teaching and mentoring thus, but also learning.

Being all of the place with too many requests in too many places, and mostly online - inefficiently typing, not face-2-pace as we preach that one should do. But strangely enough it was still Time Well Spent.

Everything is more nuanced than I thought. Is something black & white? No, it is not! It is always a full spectrum of colors that exists between them. Please remember that as you angrily pronounce some person or some big company as ‘Evil’ or totally black-hearted!

I now understand fully, one hundred procent, what @tristanh meant when to me when he said to me 1st time we met on this same forum: “We apologize soo deeply for not being here with roadmaps and plans, that we could not spend any moment on this forum here. We were truly, sorely Swamped!”.

Hereby I call to all of you who doubt these founders of the Center - whom I’ve talked to in the digital realm - in their true motives: they have become true friends of mine! I am sure some day I will meet them in the flesh and we can shake hands, maybe a bear hug even, when we celebrate our combined success.

My frantic work has now made a mess. My personal vision - i.e. my 2 cts - is lying all over the place now, and you have to harvest them (consider them Small Data) and add it to the engagement models our combined efforts were dreaming up, materialize it.

Hereby I thank all whom I have interacted with over time. You are wonderful, and I love :heart: you!

Small guy

PS. Maybe soon I am employed here again as Apprentice Cook for Life at the Pyramids base, where you are hard at work. Join me at my fire and cooking stove and I serve you a decent lunch, while we exchange our stories. But now I take the backseat for a while, and sleep some more :blush:


Hi Arnold, take a deep rest, your brain went in 360° directions all the time and with all the focus you could afford, for too much time in a row… it’s humanely too much!
We’ll take care of our roadmap and plans, and wait for you.


We’ll look forward to seeing you again Arnold, you’ve done so much brilliant work here!! We’ll nurture this fort and undending effort of your work.

:hugs: take care Arnold.

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I love :heart: to hear that, but know @healthyswimmer, that I am not really leaving. Just taking a comfortable strategy and thinkers seat and have a Job Vacations. See you soon in some nice zoom call or more privacy-respecting place where also the sound works like a charm for you :smiley:

I created a lot of noise, and introduced a bunch of complexity, but now I know that simple solutions do still exist™

So I hereby KISS :kissing_heart: all of you!

(@healthyswimmer, do you put that famous acronym in our terminology list, or delegate to an admin if you do not get that permission flag soon? Then also the techie talk complaints by non-techies are eradicated soon, as you have suggested many months before)

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Fabulous as always Arnold. Great of you to make this place so awesome, and then to step back and allow for new great leadership and collaboration.

All of the activity here in the forum by you and others illustrates a point that using tech to find humanity and time well spent often feels like a contradiction. So we must all step back into the real world at times. Maybe we should all step into the real world 50% of the the time, so that we have one month online, and then one month in the real world.

The perspectives we experience though technology are really so hard to connect with real life, because they to me seem life different worlds. People say that the two worlds of technology and humanity are blending into one, but I don’t see any connection, as tech is a synthetic world of a different nature altogether. We may strive to bridge that gap, but the two worlds don’t actually ever seem to connect yet and may never actually connect.

You’ve built pyramids, become the chef cooking up the humane stew here in this addictive and engaging online world, designing levels in this video game if I understand you correctly. But the next challenge is either to to connect it with the real world, or to build the same thing with no information technology at all.

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I am deeply honored by your response, Alex, in ways mere words cannot express. Yes, this is what I have been up to - sometimes chaotic, or hard to understand these last 2 weeks - when clicking things (ideas and concepts) into place that I had been validating and pondering for the last 5 years in various jobs and entrepreneurial ventures. At CHT I could bring some of them into practice.

Now, for the foreseeable time CHT with the great Community Team and member base we have, we should find the best route through all the content we have generated over the past year, and translate our storytelling ideas into workable plans and exciting engagement strategies. Attracting new members with ease, and have them work alongside us in some great ‘fun and rewarding’ activities - that we promise in our principles - all the time working on positive things: raising awareness on solutons that exist and lift these to higher levels.


Rest up @aschrijver, best of luck finding your dream job!

You’ve been a personal inspiration to start the London Humane Tech community. You deserve a break.

See you on the other side!

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