Journaling fights depression

Recently, I’ve found my diary and felt an enormous warmth. It was kind of “my secret world” where I was free by writing down all my fears and concerns, ups and downs. The world seemed clearer.

Now I’m quite disillusioned of what is happening around, particularly, my life. I want to restart journaling. Hope it’ll help me to manage anxiety and depression.

Is anybody here journaling? Does it help you?

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Journaling plays a huge role in my life and it makes me happy to see someone has found joy from it as well. Reflecting on our thoughts, desires and troubles is what allows us to grow from them. I find it to be very helpful to make journaling a part of my morning routine.

What does your morning routine consist of? Do you believe you could make time for this in your mornings?

When it comes to my personal routine I am sure to wake up an hour earlier than I would prefer and yet I feel much more enthused for the day once I tend to all aspects of my routine.

My morning routine consists of:
Shower. (to wake me up, still too frightened by cold showers lol)
Reading for an hour. (usually something non-fiction to get the brain going)
Meditating for ten minutes.
Then I’ll write a page in my journal about whatever comes to mind.

^^^From there I’ll proceed with my daily activities whether it be work or weekend fun.

Hope this helps friend!


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no but i started using this cool app called #SelfCare (don’t let the hashtag dissuade you its a great app).

When you load the app it shows someone in bed with the covers over the head and a cat is sleeping there too and the app tells you you’re safe and it’s to help calm down when you are not in a place like that which many of us have trouble on our own doing that.

And so the app has things in the room sparkle and you click on them and one is a journal and at the top there are like 6 things to write about that day such as something to be grateful for or you know positive things to think about and later you can go back and read them and it makes you feel better.

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Another nice app is Daily Haloha, which just gives you a cool little mindful moment everyday that you can share. There are no likes, no pressure, and it is totally anonymous. Pretty dope stuff.