Introducing myself; & why time's up for irresponsible tech!

Delighted to join this community! Late 2018, inspired by Tristan Harris and others, I launched, a blog focused on making technology more responsible. I’d really appreciate your feedback on my latest post, Why Time’s up for irresponsible tech, one of many published since the blog’s launch.

& @aschrijver @chris_davies_sanjose: happy to contribute some posts to the Community Hub, if they can be 3-4 paragraph extracts that link back to my blog :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, James!

You have a nice-looking blog, and it is spot-on on-topic for HTC. Yes, you sure can refer contribute to our blog, as long as the entries have some substantial texts. Submitting 3-4 paragraphs sounds fine. Additionally you can add your Author details that include all your social media channels and a link to your website. See for instructions the Contributing Content in the website repository.

Ok thanks! Could you please just reclarify the link between HTC and the Center for Humane Technology?

You can read about that in this blog post and with more background on the forum here.