Immersive tea experiences as an antidote to tech saturation aka modern life

Hi friends. I offer a tea(m) building experience here in Los Angeles and have partners in London that I host for as well. A bit of context: I’ve been studying and practicing Gongfu Cha traditional Taiwanese tea ceremony since 2009. As a freelance UX strategist I noticed 3 years ago at an on-site job in a startup incubator (where soylent installed a fridge and kept it stocked) that when I offered to pour tea on Tuesday afternoons I would attract hardware engineers and CEOs to the table to unwind from the unhealthy schedule and calendar of the incubator. This turned into the service I offer today. It’s been a profound experience to offer as a team building service as well as just a mini in-office retreat to have an immersive experience allow for people to unplug for their devices and productivity cycles for 60-90 min. See to learn more.


That’s awesome, @adamyasmin . Can you share more about how you compose the flow of your ceremony for teams? For example, I’m curious about balancing structured activity/focus/conversation and unstructured emptiness/silence.

Let me know if you’re ever in the SF Bay Area! As an aside, next year I’m hoping to visit the beautiful aesthetic and philosophy of Saboe and meet its founder, Ogata (Interview).