If you want to destroy a dangerous movement for you, it is best to lead it.

If you want to destroy a dangerous movement for you, it is best to lead it.

This is what comes to mind after watching the video
“Humane: A New Agenda for Tech” by Center for Humane Technology"

And if you look at what this site has become and how many users it has or look at the number of users of this group’s Facebook page whether you like Facebook or not, but most of the people are there and if Facebook allows us to use it to fight it and explain it to people of danger it brings, then you have to be a not smart not to use it.
These people did very well to break Humanity, but their plans for its repair cause only a smile.

People have always been manipulated by religion and the state, and with the advent of the Internet, the state has lost its monopoly on manipulation.

All those brave reach fighters with technology from silicon Valley. You make your billions and millions when you created this evil technology when you downgraded the humanity. Why you don’t donate 90% of your money to people, build School, build hospitals. It will be the right decision if your real fighters with evil technology and you make your money on this freaking technology. But you never gonna do it and we all know why because your greedy like rest of us all people are greedy.

Then stop being naive about that shareholders gonna start to care about humanity And force companies to be more humane. Shareholders only care about money in if companies became more humane shareholders gonna receive less money so they never gonna force company to become more humane.

Your not only destroy humanity you also destroyed the economy. Let’s take for example Uber and LYFT that you adore. Those freaking company don’t make money they’re losing money at last year Uber lost almost 2 billion and LYFT lost one billion. But investors don’t really care even if those company will become profitable they only care is to go to stock market with IPO and sell the shares. The only way those company could make big money it’s when they gonna have electric cars without drivers. But that mean that millions of drivers will gonna lose their job. And plus Uber and LYFT I just a middle man, And car manufacturers can really easily cut off middle man and just could start offering taxes by themselves. Investors don’t think so far away because don’t care they just gonna sell the shares. This is why when they tell that the economy is booming but most of the people don’t feel it because the Wall Street is mostly booming, real small business is mostly suffering, because most of the investors now invest money in virtual world not real world. So you don’t have to tell us fairy tale about moral and deprived of thirst for money, investors.
So the main question is who are you cheating when you say your speech, us or yourself?


I took a course called “Principles of Technology Entrepreneurship” this semester at my university. During the semester, we have been told so many times that what an investor really cares about are three things: market, product and the team. The way I see it is simply: money. I am wondering for the investment world where the excessive focus is put on profit, where does humanity stand?

Recently I read a report and came across this paragraph:

“The real reason why digital technology will continue to compromise human cognition and well-being is that the companies dominating the space (Facebook, Google, Amazon) are run by people with no knowledge of human society or history. By leaving college at an early age, or running companies immediately after graduating, they fell under the spell of venture capitalists who push growth of capital over all other values. So the platforms will necessarily compromise humanity, democracy and other essential values. The larger the companies grow, the more desperate and extractive they will have to become to grow still further.”

It is alarming that most of the startup ecosystems still put the monetary returns at the top of the priority list. The current investment world is cold-hearted and cruel. The way I see it is that since it’s so hard for the incumbents to divert their focus to care more about humanity, more startups should be encouraged to fight the battle upwards.

As an undergraduate studying IT, I feel that there is worryingly lack of education on the ethics of software engineering and design in educational institutions, yet so many students dream to work in those tech giants who sway the game and manipulate the society, or they are encouraged to start their own business that makes tons of money instead of really bring value to humanities.

I am an optimist. I believe this long-term battle can be fought by the people who care successfully. Recently, a tech ethics venture led by two former workers at Theranos was born. With more and more organizations like this spring up, we are moving closer to closer to our goals!