Ideas for: 10 principles of humane technology


10 Principles of Humanae Technology

By reading the topic “Humane Tech Community Roadmap 2018” I agree with the idea of producing some principles that “give us a north star”. (greg posted on February 18)
We need, within a wide range of topics, some kind of roots from where stand up and define critical topics to fix goals and strategies.
So, I think it will be useful to share ideas and suggest next steps from the definition of the guide-principles.
I only offer these draft ideas to The Team, and to all of you.
I wrote these principles inspired by the introduction website, the different posts and topics, including my personal post 270 in “Introduce Yourself”.

The principles
1- Deep understand of social relationship issues
2- Focused comprehension on vulnerable behavior (*)
3- No predicting behavior and social control
4- No invasive nets to private life
5- Design with human health high standards
6- To be functional and healthy to work teams in organizations (**)
7- Business model: profit, human develop and tech-social security.
8- Open mind to a cultural awakening.
9- Open attitude to be re-designed according to healthy social trends
10-Regulated by policies that represents people interests

Next steps suggested

I think that may be interesting: a) fix annual goals, b) define strategies c) create an opening planning of activities all over the world , beginning in SF Bay Area d) share experiences and learn how to design the best environment in everywhere.
There are a lot of great ideas published here in different topics, from unplugged days…… to smart tech design……

Notes from principles 2 and 6
(*) a) weaken self-steam, b) illusion of missing out c) anxiety, d) increasing stress, e) high exposure to be misunderstood and ignored.
(**) avoiding: a) over communication, b) not focused data , c) making team decisions not face to face in real time , d) losing emotional information that brings body language e) misunderstanding conflicts.

Best for everybody !


This 10 principles are only draft , but healthy roots for develop paths of building a share-strong conscience of where we are trying to go , now when we have more clear of CHT orientation.


Alfredo, are you aware of the Swedish-based design group and their Ethical Design Manifesto? It seems to align quite closely with your objective here, especially as regards privacy, security, sustainability, interoperability, and convenience.


Seeking feedback on Apple petition: allow digital wellness developers to make useful tools.

Wow!!Thanks you too much
Yomorrow I will be studying the manifisto
So gentle of you to notice me
Keep in touch


Yes , I`ve just read the manifiesto and I agree with you that they are closely with my proposal.
It makes me think a lot about it.
I think that is very important to be awareness , because it will probably begins to happen in other places , because the revolution just already exploded.
I will share this with people of the CHT Team, and your gently attitude to contact me


Hi @psharbaugh !
You can see my post about this issue , at Seeking feed-back on Apple Petition
There I mentioned your discovery