Humane Tech Community in Denver, CO?

Hello, I am in Denver, CO and wanted to know if there is a local Humane Tech Community Chapter in the Denver area. Any information or guidance is greatly appreciated. I am very excited to be a part of this community’s efforts!

Hi there! I am in Denver and came here looking for this specifically! Would love to grab coffee and lay groundwork for a community if there isn’t one presently. I have some interesting parties as well.

@serisha Can add me on linkedin @ or let me know if another service is better

Hello! I am an aspiring philosopher/behavioral scientist based in Boulder. I’m looking to get more involved in this community, so I would love to have a coffee and chat about your interests in humane tech. Let me know if you’re still interested!

  • Kelly

@kgdinneen @codylynn

I’m based in Broomfield and would love to get together. I’ve been working on assembling a local discussion group, though haven’t put the idea out in public just yet. Has anyone put this group in motion? If not, and you folks still want to make it happen, I am happy to get the ball rolling and coordinate!

I also organize an online reading group that might be of interest: