Human Tech for Education (Italy) - Activities for young parents, teenagers and teachers

I am an Italian school manager, recently retired, for many years an English language teacher in public schools. Over the last 40 years I have followed the development of ICT. Now I am the editor of an online magazine which we distribute on a non-profit basis. I very much appreciated HTC’s initiative and decided to join your initiative as a part of this community. In addition to the magazine, I want to continue to spread in Italy the importance of the educational and training aspect of human technology by launching Humane Tech for Education (Italy). We are a working group made up of professors, engineers and ICT experts who want to contribute to spreading human technology through meetups, training and information activities aimed at everyone, but in particular at young parents, teenagers and teachers. I think that we need to start from this type of activity, from schools and families if we really want to recover sustainable use of ICT. What do you think about?


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