How do you solve the problem of infinity, that pulls you deep and possibly irreversibly into the rabbit-hole?

Social networks are grounded by infinity. One has the potential of having infinite “friends.” Of having infinite likes. Of having infinite feedback. Which only increases to an extreme its addictive potency.

my question is how do you solve this. It seems the only way possible is to escape social networks completely. The only way possible to escape the infinity of the rabbit-hole.

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Public “follower” and “like” counts subconsciously influence what we broadcast. Consequently, we share the lowest common denominator and it starts to feel like a popularity contest. Social is a massive space and not a monolith. New, natural mechanics can invert the current model to emphasize quality over quantity.

Well said. But how would those natural mechanics look like in digital space?

Change the defaults. Remove the audience, the stage (the noise and court of public opinion) and dial-up the natural personal intimacy we share with across affinities in selective groups. I’ve built something along these lines and hope to share with you soon.

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