How can we Protect 'Generation Tagged'? Opinions Wanted


Would be great to hear people’s thoughts on the report below. In particular, has the report changed your view in any way? and will you change your behaviour as a result of reading the report?


Great idea. I think the easiest and most effective fight would be to name and shame big tech for encouraging posting of photos of children in the first place, and for publishing pictures of people of any age in publicly viewable places.

A good example is pictures in Google Maps, which can be pics of kids and other people! Stupid ignorant company is publishing pics of families eating or swimming, broadcasting it to the public. Google Maps is a publisher showing photos of their own users, and not web search. Google Maps publishes pics of people including kids (sometimes half dressed) and does nothing to remove these pics! They have all the technology to detect people, but they do nothing! Nothing at all.

Big tech should:

  1. Ask people questions and to make them agree with warnings when they detect that an image of a person is posted publicly.
  2. All publishers including social media should remove pictures of people from all publicly viewable locations.


In my opinion, by design, photos or images or people have to appear necessarily blurred or erased, in any kind of software that could include photos of any person.

There should exist any law to ban or pixelate person images by design. And additionally allow the chance to appear if any user, explicitly, accepts that.


I couldn’t agree more.

Yesterday I was reading a Guardian article with the caption that had a photo with the caption “ISIS children blocking their faces” where some children were hiding their faces and others were clearly in view, along with other photos clearly showing kids faces. I can only imagine what these journalists were thinking? The little kids are even trying to hide their faces, yet they publish these photos anyway. Imagine these kids when they are older, forever living with pictures of themselves in the media and forever tagged as being children of ISIS members.