How Photos of Your Kids Are Powering Surveillance Technologyu

“The pictures of Chloe and Jasper Papa as kids are typically goofy fare: grinning with their parents; sticking their tongues out; costumed for Halloween. Their mother, Dominique Allman Papa, uploaded them to Flickr after joining the photo-sharing site in 2005.”

“None of them could have foreseen that 14 years later, those images would reside in an unprecedentedly huge facial-recognition database called MegaFace. Containing the likenesses of nearly 700,000 individuals, it has been downloaded by dozens of companies to train a new generation of face-identification algorithms, used to track protesters, surveil terrorists, spot problem gamblers and spy on the public at large.”

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Normally through the years parents share their kids photos in the social media. Of course during those times nobody can predict that it would contribute to surveillance technology. I think one thing everyone should keep in mind before posting the internet doesn’t forget.

20 years from now: world elite host unethical super database of all human dna gleaned from old data storage sold to them by Netscape. What a world…