Happy Hour in Oakland or SF

Hey everyone,

I am new to the group but I’m interested in hosting monthly happy hours in Oakland or SF to talk about Humane Technology, Ethics, and Policy within the community. I wanted to reach out and see which if Oakland or SF made more sense and if anyone was interested in attending.



Hi @evanmceldowney! Welcome to HTC. I like this idea of a meetup. I live in the bay and would be interested in attending. Let’s wait and see who else is too, then decide time/date/place! :hugs:

Great Idea.

Maybe we could do a rotating, one month in the east-bay, one month in SF type thing?

People will also come if they detect momentum and the event is announced; I recommend we don’t wait for more than a week before coming up with the schedule.

Hey Siddhi and Evan, I am thinking of hosting it next wednesday at Drake’s in Oakland around 6:30pm I’ll confirm with the meetup link when I finishing talking to Drake’s today.

Sounds fantastic, keep us posted.

Great idea, @evanmceldowney! If you start this initiative then please notify me or another forum moderator, so we can update the table at Eventful Campaign: Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events

We intend to give this campaign some real follow-up after the community reorganization (along the new Vision of The Pyramids of Humane Technology) has taken shape.

Hey All,

I will be hosting the first meeting on Tech Ethics in Oakland this Wednesday at Drake’s Dealership! This is a meetup to discuss the development of technology, ethics, and policy and their impact on the world. I am thinking this will be a reoccurring monthly meetup but I am hoping to discuss it with those that attend and see what they think. Spread the word and let me know if you can make it. @aschrijver @hmswaffles @sidnya I would love your feedback or participation :slight_smile:

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Looks like a great event, Evan, thanks for sharing! Can’t join I’m afraid… long trip from The Netherlands :slight_smile:
You should record it on video and share the link here. That would be great!

@evanmceldowney I will be in class at the time. Very bummed that I cannot attend )-:. However, I can promote this event on the HTC Insta page if that is alright with you and @aschrijver.

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That would be great!

Awesome! Would you prefer I tag you in the post? If so please PM me your handle and I can get on it asap!

Sure you can :smiley:

PS. You could also promote this event: Livestream Conference: Truth About Tech - Solutions for Digital Well-Being.. Super speakers!!

I am on it <3. It will be via Instagram “stories”.

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