Google's YouTube is Enabling Sexual Exploitation of Children

This viral video appeared today, criticising the publisher YouTube for still facilitating pedophilia. The YouTube algorithm encourages pedophiles to quickly find sexually suggestive videos of little children. Then pedophiles start making sick comments and links to the most sexually suggestive parts of these kiddie videos. These are ordinary videos, family videos, videos made by your kids. Google is then making a money off of pedophilia with ads.

Disgusting. Google said in 2017 they would stop doing this, but they are still doing it.

This is part of a pattern where Google often has little human decency, and will profit off of almost anything, including targeting pedophiles with kiddie videos. Google gives lip service to fixing these issues, but really could care less. This disgusting finding is just the tip of the iceberg of Google ignoring common decency, and Google’s lack of basic human respect.

Google is a web publisher and they are responsible for all content they publish. What kind of web publisher makes ad money with videos of little girls targeting pedophiles? Google is rotten to the core.

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According to NPR this morning, a bunch of their investors (Disney and some others) have pulled their advertising. They will probably just come back after the issue blows over and loses media coverage. Just thought that was relevant.

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This is a case where morals and ethics are entwined.

As time goes on, the barriers to unacceptable behavior fall and more immoral behavior goes mainstream.

Thanks to @Free for bringing up this subject.