Google to Pull Plug on AI Ethics Council


A frightening development sent to me by my father.



What I read that Google AI ethics council was dissolved because of the presence of the Heritage Foundation president Kay Coles James as one of the members of the council. Many Google employees wanted him remove because of the anti-LGBTQ stand of the organization. Anyway Google said they were just back to the drawing board on creating this ethics council which according to them complement and will help them on the implementation of Google AI principles, an ethical charter that guide the company on the responsible development and use of AI technology.

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Yes, I read about this. They took it down after just 10 days! It was (and is still) actively discussed in a bunch of Hacker News threads:



But I am curious… why would they cancel the entire thing because of the presence of one person? Was he central to it existing?

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The article from CNN about Google pulling the plug on AI Ethics Council The reason of Google’s decision.

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Tech leaders like Bill Gates are calling for government legislation for AI. It is comprehensive and applies to the whole industry. I think that is more sensible than self regulation.(ex. Google ) Just some thoughts about this emerging technology which might have a significant impact on society as we know it.(automation, privacy, facial recognition, etc.)

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My dad and I were playfully thinking, what if there was a UN sort of organization for the Internet? Would that violate freedoms? Does such an organization like this exist?



We have a campaign theme around the topic that is lying dormant: Digi Rights: Applying fundamental Human Rights to the Digital Realm

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Most likely, Heritage threatened to poison the well. They are very plugged in with Fox, et al

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