Google and Facebook have become “antithetical to democracy,” says The Age of Surveillance Capitalism author Shoshana Zuboff

I had never heard about surveillance capitalism. This is a really interesting interview. I highly recommend it as it sums up the current state of the Internet very well.


Shoshana Zuboff’s book is becoming a true bestseller and standard work in this area. Our member @patm is reading the book, and it is a great read indeed.

The book is mentioned several times (creating cross-refs here and here).


@patm will this be a book club Discussion? Might be a good place to start the book discussion, I’ll order this at my library.

Sure, we can start the conversation with this book. If any will start a revolution, it will be this one. Here are two images: a scan of the back cover, and an iPad shot of an interior page. Apologies for the less than stellar quality.

BTW, if the book were only about Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon, a person would not have to read it as there is a great deal of literature about FAGA.

Masterfully–with great confidence, insight, and knowledge–this book reshapes the discussion about technology as a tool of capitalism.

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Yes, her research and book are fast becoming a major reference, if not the reference, on the subject.