Glossary of Common Terminology

This is a wiki post where you can suggest terminology that is automatically marked up with a small explainer text that becomes visible when hovering over the term with your mouse.

The functionality is limited and each term must be configured separately by an Admin of the forum, so the rules for suggesting terms are as follows:

  • Only terms that are very commonly used, and exactly on topic for Humane Technology are accepted
  • The description of the term should be short, not longer than 1 line, and MUST not contain a comma
  • The terms you propose are marked up in case-insensitive manner (so both tl;dr and TL;DR match)

Current glossary terms

(Add your terms below. Do not edit the existing entries. The v indicates terms that are accepted and configured, do not add that, unless the term is indeed added to config).

Term Added Description
TL;DR v Too long; Didn’t read
RTFM v Read the fine manual
Cognitive Bias v Deviation from rationality in judgment where individuals create their own “subjective social reality”
HTC v Humane Tech Community
CHT v Center for Humane Technology
FOSS v Free and open-source software
FLOSS v Free and Libre Open Source Software - the most open and non-commercial kind
FOMO v Fear of missing out (from your friends when no longer part of their social media platform)
HN v Hacker News (high-quality social network for Silicon Valley techies and beyond)
FB v Facebook
LI v LinkedIn
IMHO v In my honest opinion
IMO v In my opinion
AFAIK v As far as I know
GH v Github
HT v Humane Technology
USP v Unique Selling Point (competitive advantage)
SMB v Small and medium-sized businesses
PM v Private Message (direct user-to-user or group chat)
WDYT v What do you think?
PR v Depends on context: Pull request (making a code/doc change in Github) or Public Relations
TBD v To be decided later
IG v Instagram
FAANG v The Big Tech giants, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google
PII v Personally Identifiable Information, personal information that can be used to identify a person
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