Getting Rid of Likes

Hello all.
We are all freaking out about instagram removing likes but let’s remember who did it like 3 years ago: Pinterest. If they can do it so can everyone else, I think.


likes are a big money maker for a lot of people. It’s fraud in the usa I don’t know that russia has any law on the books about whatever you call when the black hat guys sell likes.

It’s all over the place because now to advertise if you are not on the social media that big tech has locked down you can kiss a large marketshare goodbye to your competition who is there.

So to attract the shallow idiot consumer who is cruising facebook to buy things based on the purposeful gamed system of ads woven into all their content and targeted to each victim, folks selling stuff on facebook will try to outdue the competition by augmenting their organic real actual likes with fake ones made by crooks who set up fake accounts specifically to like pages chumps pay them too.

Think about it if you have a network on facebook of 50 500 5000 slave accounts that are all you, if someone orders a million likes you can do it in a few minutes and they pay whatever is negotiated.

It has only been in the news recently in regards to swaying politics but is old school social engineering just on massive scale because facebook and twitter et al make it so easy (by design, their startup incubators were all fronts for CIA)

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“…their startup incubators were all fronts for CIA”

Can you explain that comment? I haven’t seen anything on the topic before.

Please don’t just take my word for it look read and decide for yourself but big tech and telco cartel and surveillance state are all one element. NSA goes back to the time of Alexander Graham Bell.

But we’re free we’re all free…