Help wanted: Collecting proof on social media (FB, Twitter, Reddit) existential crisis

Hello all,

I’m ceo & co-founder of a company that hopes to take a big chunk of marketshare from Facebook, Twitter & Reddit. I deleted my Facebook a long time ago and I have also noticed that many of my friends have done the same. But that’s obviously just anecdotal. A personal speculation.

I’m in the middle of fundraising an angel/seed round for my company right now and I’d like to be able to share some proof point about how Facebook is (1) walking away from the news/media industry (2) struggling with a much larger existential crisis.

Does such proof exist? Anybody else working on a platform to compete with fb, twitter, reddit?

I got on Facebook before college and it dominated some aspects of my life for almost a decade. I’m staking my career on the fact that more and more people are going to wake up to the fact that the entire experience (like/share roulette via “news” feed) is an empty, meaningless way to spend time.

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Hi @loundy,

Thanks for posting. A good subject. I advise you to follow Hacker News (HN), the small social media network provided by the Silicon Valley startup incubator. It is the place to keep in the loop on tech trends.

Last week there was a discussion on HN on exactly this topic, related to this article from Pew Research Center:

This were HN discussions about it (179 comments): and (66 comments):

Via HN you can also find articles that were derived from the Pew Research article:

Hacker News has a good search function, with which you can drill down in prior discussions, e.g.


Oh wow! What a wonderful, thoughtful, comprehensive reply! Thanks so much Arnold - @aschrijver - I’m checking out innercircles right now. Love the site! :wink: Very curious to see where that goes in 2019.

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Thank you! has similarities to Hacker News. What I like is, that it has a simple design, just like HN. All the bells and whistles you usually find on a site are only distractions. Some tips I have too, but I’ll send them on private message, so as not to go off-topic too much :slight_smile: