Facebook Seperate Data and Documents

So I was helping my mom delete Facebook off her phone. Its been days since I removed the app, but I was going through her settings and saw an “app” called Facebook Data & Documents that had to be deleted separately from the actual app. Is the existence of this file common knowledge? If so what could this file be for? ( To save your settings when you “inevitably” re-download the app?)

It sounds like your mom had decided to download the data that Facebook had collected on her. This image shows a partial list of the kinds of data she could download.

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Thanks! I was concerned!

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Apps might still spy on you.

If the phone is an iPhone then you can Offload App to retain the data but get rid of the app. You can still attach the data if you reinstall FB later then.

On Android you can Disable apps you are unsure about, and also remove Permissions.

Especially Samsung Android phones are absolute privacy-nightmares. They are proud surveillance capitalists, and even their native apps which you can’t uninstall or disable contain trackers.

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We did not opt into keeping this file on her phone. There was no notification that it was there, which is why I wanted to ask y’all what it was for.