Facebook messenger, access to photos, and privacy

I was using Facebook messenger to send a photo the other day- and it asked to access my photos- So I said yes and sent 2 photos. If I turn off messenger immediately afterwards- will Facebook still have my photos from my phone?

That might well be. I am not a FB user myself, so can’t check. But FB is really after as much photo material it can lay their hands on, and you may have background services on your phone that can access the photo’s using that permission. Maybe some Google (or DuckDuckGo) searches on the topic can provide more clarity on whether this is the case.

Note also that FB has facial recognition software that are run on photo’s you provide them. Together with photo metadata this gives a wealth of information about friends networks, etc.
You can (and probably should) go into privacy settings and opt-out of this ‘feature’. In EU with GDPR privacy regulation coming the default for this will be opt-in, for the rest of the world this will be opt-out as default setting.

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@healthyswimmer download again your Facebook data if you want to know.

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Thanks @anon74302558 I’m not sure I understand. Download it to my computer?

@healthyswimmer open your facebook account and go to setting and general there is download your data in there.

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There is no settings section on my Facebook- this is what I hate about these platforms and the non real world. There is nobody to talk to…

Thanks anyways… I was just concerned Facebook got a hold of all my pictures. I at least want to protect my child’s privacy-

@healthyswimmer there is. When you open your FB on the upper right side there is a question mark and beside black down arrow. click on it and you see setting click and go to general and download data. This is the same black down arrow use when you log out.

@healthyswimmer, I would like to add to my previous comment, that while possible, I consider it not likely that FB is accessing the photo’s on your phone which you didn’t upload… would be an especially egregious breach of privacy if they did.

BTW this I posted earlier on Google + FB data collection: Humane Technology reading lists

And there is one post by me FB data creepy as hell in same thread above that one

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Thank you- it’s confusing if your not in the field of tech. Because one minute your phone “knows you” somehow- and it’s like wait a minute, how did THAT happen. To a non tech person it’s a real
violation of space- especially if your identity has been stolen before. You humane techies are soldiers to wade through what is right and wrong in your field. Thanks for your work!!

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@aschrijver thanks for posting this- I got part way through and felt physically sick. Is there another search engine that is private? I feel like I confided in someone I regretted but only I didn’t even speak.

Thx for posting, I’ll digest these one by one… If the world wasn’t so distracted in their iPhones everyone would be outraged.

Hi @healthyswimmer, I have moved your last 2 posts here, so as not to make the Humane Reading list too long with our discussion :slight_smile:

I use DuckDuckGo.com (DDG) myself. They are privacy-focussed and do not store your search queries, do not create a filter bubble based on your interests. And I found the results to be good… in the beginning I did frequent comparison with Google results, but no longer.

DDG is still a commercial company and they do use ads, but much less targeted ones. They delegate search queries to Bing, I think, but stripped of personal info.

Thx! Hello duckie, goodbye google- For weeks now I’ve reluctantly used google.

What happened though? How is it that other vendors like phone companies kept our information private unless mandated by the government? Maybe it was only because they couldn’t make money off it.

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Regulation is changing all of the time. In US (and also in the EU) oftentimes these are bad for privacy and individual freedom, good for business or government. Also this happens a bit under the radar, hardly mentioned in the news, unless you are listening to the right sources.

What about browsers though? I tried DuckDuckGo and my chrome browser asked me if I wanted to make this my regular search engine.,. Browsers can track too right? And if so, does :duck: :duck: have a browser too?

Browsers ‘track’ in different ways. If you have autocomplete or search from addressbar on, then Url’s are send to a server.

I would advice using Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome. It’s a great browser and much more aware of privacy. By default it uses Google for search, but - just like with Chrome - in Settings you can set other defaults, like DDG.

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You need to access the Facebook app permissions that are associated with the Facebook app on your smartphone to understand how much of your personal and professional information Facebook is removing from your smartphone.

Pending your OS, check the app manager if you are using a device supported by the android OS. With Apple iOS you will have to go to your privacy settings within the Apple settings on your phone to see how much information you are giving up to Facebook via the phone App.

However, I would assume that Facebook does have your photos, contacts, calendar events, SMS text messages, and a lot more of your phone info. I know because I know how much info their smartphone app takes and it is a lot.

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I can tell you this for sure, there is nothing private nor secure in regards to any connected products supported by the android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows OS due to the fact that these products are supported by predatory surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

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Thank you so much- this will protect people like me who just don’t understand this field of tech.

No worries. I’ve written numerous articles on the subject matter of privacy, cyber security, and consumer exploitation threats posed by Surveillance Capitalism.

You can find the articles on my website www.MysmartPrivacy.com plus reports and analysis I submitted to the Department of Homeland Security for the DHS Study on Mobile Device Security that was published in April of 2017.

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