Facebook Quiz Game Project - Add Your Questions!

Continuing the discussion from Two-faced Facebook:

This thread and the comment made by @greg gave me an idea. What if we created one of those quiz games that people love to share on Facebook and call it “How much do YOU know about Facebook?”
We can start it with some normal questions like when the company was founded and who founded it, then ask some data and privacy related question. When people get them wrong they will be learning at the same time. Thoughts?

Nice idea. I have seen something similar created by the Dutch organization Bits of Freedom. They did something funny here: You were reading a multi-page blog page, and filled in some personal data on each page. Then on the next page, the text was personalized with the previous data, which somehow gave a strange effect, making it quite personal.

Would be even more powerful if it used real personal data that can be obtained from e.g. the browser request or public information source (stuff you didn’t fill in), and then use that in the story.


Any ideas for questions and what they could be about?

Well, I think I could contribute.

But it must be funny and catchy from the 1st question on.

While privacy and mass manipulation seem the most public concerns,
I find the psychological aspects still rather nelected.

FB is exploiting the emotional weaknesses of its users!
Rephrasing that so that it appeals to teens, parents and the general public is the challenge.

Question idea:
“How often to you check your phone for news?”
“How soon do you check your phone after you just posted something?”

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Nice suggestion. Given Cambridge Analytica and what Facebook did with polls and personality tests, it is a clever flipping around of the table. :slight_smile:

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I agree! Im going to look into some websites to make this quiz.

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The best website I found was this
Because you do not actually have to have a Facebook to make a quiz.
Here are some things to think about:

  1. Are the questions going to be multiple choice?
    Having them be long answer might take away from the quick-fun associated with these quizzes.
  2. What are the results going to show
    • If you get a certain percentage you spend too much time on social media or something?
      We can collect questions here and when there are enough I can go ahead and put them into a quiz.

On 1) it depends on per-question basis, I think. I would entirely omit long answer free-text answers. It should be click-and-go.

On 2) First of all you can show answers directly after choosing an option. That would directly create awareness (challenge —> reward). I would not add general questions (‘When was FB founded’). Have them all be topical, i.e. on privacy infringement, plus what they can do with you harvested data. Then if they have many question wrong, at the end, you can display a conclusion (“You are totally unaware of how surveillance capitalist works, and this is how you’ll be manipulated in the future…”). People with better scores get milder judgement ("You are on the right path. You protect yourself against the worst of FB practices. But you can do much better still, …), etc.

Then in the last page with the results also add a list of pointers to go further with the things that one has just learned. To sites offering alternatives and more protection, etc.

Okay. Should we also include questions about the hinderence to mental well being? Or focus on one or the other?

I don’t know. Maybe best determine by brainstorming some questions together. You can divide the form into multiple pages, several sections, of course. Usually it starts with data collection (invasion of privacy), which is then used for targeting and to drive the user experience (dark patterns) to maninpulate you. As a result of that manipulation you will suffer additional harms, like getting stuck in an echo chamber that affirms your biases and makes you feel less at home in the real world (mental harms). The forms could take the user through this process. Each page explaining the rationale of FB actions refering to the previous page. I.e. create a storyline.

PS. Would be nice if the form used fully open-source technology, no Typeform hosted service or anything (they’ll collect your data). There is no need for data storage, only retain it for as long as a session lasts (can be done with a cookie or browser local storage). That needs some investigation, then. But I’d first focus on the contents of the questionnaire.

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Okay! If you could give some recs for some open source applications that would be very helpful! I will look for some as well.

tellform.com seems to be an option.

The tellform website is a bit finicky. Any other ideas? (For questions or other things)?