Exemplar of Humane Tech Social Network: Openbook

There is a new startup called Openbook in the Hague, Netherlands that is trying to build a new humane social network. They are now trying to raise €100,000 on Kickstarter. This looks impressive and well thought out, though they are still in early development.

They already have a team of 10. They plan on having a for-profit business model relying on funding, with their proposed future revenue coming from talking a cut of online payments made using a proposed digital currency. They will need large funding for rapid growth.

This article was published yesterday.

Please note that I have no affiliation with Openbook whatsoever.


oh that’s interesting. I live in The Netherlands so I’ll check them out, thnx for mentioning this :slight_smile:

I am interacting on the community forum of the decentralization effort called Solid and in a MeWe-related discussion they mention that OpenBook is also considering using Solid to decentralize their social network in the future, which would be a very cool addition to their ‘humane tech characteristics’ checklist :slight_smile:

From their FAQ:

Will Openbook be decentralised?

We want to get there eventually. We’re looking into Solid MIT approach (The one from Tim Berners Lee) and we’re very pleased with it so far.

This reminds me somewhat of the Dock.io initiative: not a social network platform per se, but what appears to be an infrastructure for social platforms that provides complete ownership and control of your data by using blockchain technology and decentralizing authority.