Openbook challenge

Has anyone else come across the Openbook Challenge?Is anyone thinking of entering?

I spotted it in the Guardian earlier in the week . It reportedly ‘will offer seven “purpose-driven teams” $100,000 in investment to build a billion-user social network that could replace the technology titan while protecting consumer privacy.’

'We are looking to fund seven purpose-driven teams that want to build a billion-user social network to replace Facebook – while protecting consumer privacy.

We want to invest in replacements that don’t manipulate people and that protect our democracy from bad actors looking to spread misinformation.’

'The competition will occur in three stages:

Apply to the competition with your mission statement, strategy, and team members.  

We pick 20 teams as finalists and communicate with them regularly for 90 days.

At the end of 90 days, we will offer seven teams to join our Incubator, invest $100,000 in each and host them for our 12-week incubator, which will start on October 12th. '