Employees, do you feel heard at work?

I’m working on a freelance feature for Briefings, executive search firm Korn Ferry’s flagship magazine. The article is examining whether today’s workforce feels heard, both by their employers and also fellow coworkers. We have more communication platforms than ever and many of us work in open floor plans, but are these devices serving to effectively connect us or alienate us? Are global companies creating safe spaces and giving employees the tools to communicate across cultural divides? Or do workers feel alienated?

I’d love to hear people’s personal experiences on the topic. Many thanks.

Hi Meghan,

Though you did not get responses yet, this is a good topic. I have placed it in the correct category and added tags.

Regarding open floor plans there are interesting discussions and insights. I recently read an article on a scientific study that showed that open floor plans leads to less communication and more use of emails between colleagues, etc. (can’t find it though).

Here are some great discussions on that same theme on Hacker News: https://hn.algolia.com/?query=open%20floor&sort=byPopularity&prefix&page=0&dateRange=all&type=story

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