DWeb Camp (decentralized web), July 18-21, NorCal

“Decentralized Web” refers to a variety of efforts supporting the vision of a Web that distributes power into the hands of the many, not concentrating it in the hands of the few.

DWeb Camp is an event this July on the Pacific coast in Northern California, bringing together anyone involved or interested in creating the way forward to a decentralized Web. The inspiration of the camp is described thusly:

“What if we could fuse the self-reliant creativity of Burning Man to the utopian-tech energy of CCC (Chaos Communication Camp, an open-air hackers event outside Berlin)? What would happen if we brought together hundreds of dreamers and builders dedicated to reimagining the technologies, laws, markets and values we need for a better Web? The Web we want and deserve?”

Registration is open until July 17 or while tickets last. Volunteers can get partial or full reimbursement of the registration fee. Those interested in volunteering must apply by May 31.

More info:


@hans I really want to learn more about this and attened! Thank you for the info. This is in San Francisco correct?

@sidnya read about these projects if you wish to learn more about decentralised web :

  1. DAT project
  2. GNUnet project
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Will do. Thank you for the resources!

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The location is a farm on the Pacific coast, about an hour south of San Francisco, or an hour west of San Jose. That’s according to their website.

My only involvement is that I attended the 2018 Summit, which was fun and interesting. I’m not in the industry anymore, just like to take a peek once in a while and see what’s happening, and this seems like one of the more worthwhile things going on these days. I originally found out about it from last year’s Vanity Fair article featuring Tim Berners-Lee.

NOTE: There is currently some issue with the dwebcamp website cited above. Please refer to the following for the registration page and also an archive of the dwebcamp website content. (EDIT: Website issue seems to be resolved as of 5/30).

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Thank you for these links!

Interesting event, @hans! Cross-referencing to Towards the Vision of The Decentralized Web!