Do you know where I heard this factoid about Instagram?

I have an example of a misuse of persuasive tech and I think I heard it from something @tristanh wrote or said. It’s a story of how Instagram knows you have, say, 10, likes on a picture, but they only show you, say, 5, and then a few minutes later they might show you 2 more, and then 3 later still, in order to maximize the reward cycles of those 10 likes. Does anyone know where it appears? A video? Blog post? I’ve searched and can’t find anything, which makes me think it may be in a video. Thanks for any leads!

I dont know where you read that, but I feel like its true from my experience with Instagram! :laughing: Hopefully we can find the source!

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I found it.

It was a video — the 60 Minute interview. I found it referenced in this article.