CoC Contact group proposal

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When our Mozilla mentor @jonatoni saw our CoC, when she came to the final part:

In order to maintain our forum and community, moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user account if content/account does not agree with this code of conduct.

All complaints will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that is deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances.

the first thing she asked was this: “Who will enforce? There’s no contact here, email address, username… who will receive my requests if I have troubles with some community member?”

So her suggestion is this:

There will be a group of active community members (i.e. 3-4 members in the community team) responsible for receiving this kind of CoC requests from members. Their usernames and contact addresses will be visible in the CoC itself and they must be as heterogeneous and diverse as possible.

In this way if I’m a member having some troubles on the forum (or website) because of another member, even if this member is in the community team or in the contact group I can send my complain to another person in the contact group. Since the contact group is heterogeneous and diverse enough (all its members are not close friends :slight_smile:), I’m relatively sure that my complain is taken into consideration and some action is undertaken.

Right now instead the whole group of moderators will receive CoC complains, so if I have troubles with one of them I may not feel confident and strong enough to send this complain.


I agree.

In the call with Jona, she suggested @micheleminno and I be members of this COC group, and I added @Bozon. It is up to CT, of course, to decide who will be in the group.

But you are all three moderators. Shouldn’t it be non-moderators/admins that are members of this group?

Sure, @aschrijver, that is possible too.

I still think this is a bit of overkill. You can say in the CoC: “I you have problems with certain members you can send a private message to any person in the Community Team and ask for advice, or flag the message that caused your concern”, or something similar of that nature.


I agree, I updated the CoC with this:

  • If you have problems with a member of the Community Team, you can send a private message to any other member in the Community Team and ask for advice, or flag the message that caused your concern.
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Nice. “Problems” sounds a bit heavy and generic. Maybe say “If you have a conflict with…”

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I think conflict is too restricting, problem is generic but it’s good that is so generic.