Body image and the impact of social media

Hi everyone!

I am a counsellor and founder of a non-profit, Free To Be Talks, that promotes positive body image primarily to youth through our research-based curriculum, Free To Be. Recently, we made the program more available and accessible by offering the option of licensing and training other teachers and counsellors to run the program across North America.

I am passionate about body image because it impacts how we positively or negatively filter and process information, and ultimately how we experience life. And technology and body image intersect because kids and youth spend copious amounts of time on their phones (perusing & participating in social media apps, gaming etc.) and as the research reveals, it highly impacts their attitudes, behaviours and beliefs about who they are, what they should look like, who they should aspire to be etc.

I would love to connect with others who are doing similar work, or who have similar passions about the impact of body image and technology to share ideas and research.



What a great non-profit you have founded, Renae! I wish that this sort of program was available to me during my middle-school years!!

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