Aware Prepare: Growth hacking the community and Awareness Campaigns project



“Aware Prepare” Campaign



Crowdsourcing means, finding a crowd of contributors. This campaign is about growth hacking the public to find as much people willing to participate, so that our campaign efforts get ever more effective.


  • Reach out to the target audience across all (social) media channels, and personal networks.

  • Make people aware how they can join, and be part of the solution to their growing tech worries.

  • Apply targeted recruitment tactics to find people in the roles we need for ongoing campaigns


  • Everyone that is aware of our tech problems, and willing to help address it, but doesn’t know how.

Success criteria

The success criteria will need to be updated as the project comes along, but currently are:

  • Demonstrate there is a large body of people out there that are ready to be activated
  • Find the right people in the appropriate roles needed to execute our first campaigns with success


  • No retrospective has been held yet.
  • Retrospectives will be held in quick success to adopt lessons-learned asap.


The awareness campaigns that are defined in this project are complex beasts. They need lots of skills, coordination and activity by many contributors. A single campaign can only succeed if there are enough of the right people willing to spend their time on it. Likewise, the more contributors we find, the more campaigns that we can work on in parallel.

So the first part of this campaign involves the community building and growth hacking that is required to get more people on board.

The second - and even more important - part, constitutes of improving the onboarding process, so that:

  • People feel directly at home, and can inform themselves on how best to start contributing.
  • New members become active in this campaign and help with the growth hacking of the project.


Documentation: Project Guide

As we go along, and more members join, we learn from the questions they ask us, and the problems they have. This experience is used to improve both the project structure and workflows and documenting them in this Project Guide.

This way we’ll have to spend ever less time with the ‘boring stuff’ and more on reaching the public in exciting campaigns.

Activity: We Need You

This is an application of the Turning the weapon around idea on the forum, a ongoing activity, where project members reinforce each other’s social media promotion, by adding their own Likes, Shares, and add Comments.

The added reward for participants in this activity is, that they can become more influential in their own social media channel, e.g. on LinkedIn, and develop their reputation.

Documentation: Growth Hacking Guide

As part of the We Need You activity we will frequently update a Growth Hacking Guide with our lessons-learned - adding the things that worked best. This way others don’t make the same mistakes when they first chime in to the growth hacking process, and campaign effectiveness continues to increase.

The benefits and rewards will be developing strategies that can be applied to other campaigns and developing our own social media strategic skillset.


  • TODO Summarize strategy here, but details are in the Project and Growth Hacking guides.


  • No funding is required to execute this campaign.


  • Milestones should still be determined, but none are required right now


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