Augmented Reality and its impact on Society?

Although this is an old thread, I just wanted to share a couple of articles which I came across today, and which I think are must-reads for anyone interested not just in humane tech but in tech generally:

@C4Urselves an important topic, so I have placed this in its own discussion thread.

The first article is sort of a prelude to the second one. Some things here have become outdated: Magic Leap has flopped, Hololens is mostly used in professional contexts, and blockchain is even less on the forefront than it was in 2019 (though it is being innovated in various research efforts).

The second article is indeed disturbing. We all know Facebook. They cannot be trusted, and they have way too much power and influence. If they manage to launch a killer Augmented Reality service, and other FAMAG follow, then the problems we have - as addressed in The Social Dilemma documentary - will be compounded tremendously.

Just for fun I will post an artist impression Hyper Reality of a possible AR world. It is disturbing, but in reality the AR apps will probably look way more friendly and benign, which means more danger of us just embracing this new tech is.