Amerindians~Humanness Sovereignty In Action

Hi everyone,
Call me Mushin.
This is my Zen Buddhist Sensei Japanese name meaning “Know~No Mind.” I have been engaged with the Oglala Lakota Oyate (people) at Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, USA since March 2000 and my Lakota spirit name is Mato Wambli meaning Eagle Bear and my sir name is Patric Roberts.

I have been involved in biological cognitive science since 1984 via Autopoiesis by Professors Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (deceased), and a new field of management science “Communicative Competency Jurisprudence” by Professor Terry Winograd and Dr. Fernando Flores (Youngest Cabinet Minister in Allende Chilean experiment with Professor Stafford Beer, Cybersyn 1973). Recently, engaged with Bob Dunham, Institute of Generative Leadership capable of producing history making skillfulness in a universal pragmatic learning centered on projects. And, Professor Scott Kelso, Cognitive Scientist, and inventor of “The Complementary Nature” that brought forth research of the mirroring plasticity of phase transitions operating the human nervous system.

I was triggered to engage in this community of value following a post in Project Syndicate’s released March 22, 2019 “Big Tech is Watching and Being Watched" revealed concerns by a primary early investor in mobile computing technology Roger McNamee’s PS “Social Media’s Junkies and Dealers” January 25, 2018.

My associate Andrew James Campbell, Oxford UK, offer an artistic artifact of our MSTi position in disrupting disruptors in a new configuration of a collaborative elder wisdom continuum. Maka Si Tomni Institute is a small cadre of Oglala Lakota elders and diverse professional domains of expertise that values ORAL HUMAN AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION dignifying the biological core cognitive pattern languages of our ancestral primitive genius that arose through a biology of love. Love is validating niche experiences as legitimate~IN~coexistence with oneself. We are assert that the problem, breakdowns and creative collapsing opportunity is not changing human nature, rather, understanding the root of biological structural determinism in a learning practice reconstructing, reconfiguring and redesigning the global 2,500+ years of a Western and Eastern patriarchal cultural matrix blind spot ~ mistaken observer errors regarding what constitutes, sustains and maintains our humanness throughout the web of life. Our position claims the current creative collapsing opportunity is an autopoietic self-renewal learning process providing a hospice for business as normal and unleashing a dematerized second economy based in ancient primitive genius being denied, repressed and destroyed in current educational systemic-systems in Cartesian science.

Current Western traditions representational assumptions that has created a Globalization of Value Extraction as the only game in designing a future world together is wrongheaded and destroying our humanness in a triple-loop person, professions and planet. Our context and collaboration in learning with the Oglala Lakota is to showcase a new Cybersyn Project under the Amerindians based in precontact (1492) revealing a 10,000+ year-old noble life ways conserving the genius of the structural determinism with the web of life and individuation as “micro virtual identities” as human beings. In our context becoming human beings as stardust is a phenomenal experience with unlimited possible possibilities if we conserve our humanness in ecological knowing in structural determinism constituting the entire universe we refer to as autopoiesis.

Current technological innovations upon innovations is an artistic painting on a rotting wall or an attempt in fix a flat tire devoid of valuing humanness causing suffering and insane. We humans are wise~sing up stardust ~ Homo sapiens amans amans, biological animals not gods, and either we conserve our humanness in coherences of the pathways of our ancestral social relations or we will die in the self-hatred created in separating creatures from their own creations as the global cultural matrix that your community is concerned about.

The MSTi 12-page artifact offering is available upon request and our invitation is to design a new collaborative innovation in technology under the Oglala Lakota wisdom continuum as a breakout innovation where as global world citizens and allies we design a child centric driven communitarian learning caring for Mother Nature and future generations.

Best regards to the lost generation of millennials who have the passionate desire to breakout of the current global cultural matrix and become responsible designers caring for today’s blind spots in a new notion of Intergenerational Capitalism and Finance in the context of planning seven generations into the future.
Doksha ~ Later
Lakota have no oral distinctions for animals. goodbye or profanity.
Mushin +Patric Roberts
Pine Ridge Reservation South Dakota
Cell 303-520-6866
Andrew James Campbell
MSTi Artistic Repository
Oxford UK