A co-op app alternative for popular ride hailing apps is becoming famous in an Indian City!

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Trichy is a city in southern part of India. The autorickshaw drivers in this city have organized themselves to form a union/co-op and pooled money, a fixed amount, from each driver to hire an I.T company to build an app for them - the union owns the “Meter Auto” app. The app is the digitized version of the distance/fare meter mounted on for-hire vehicles and it calculates the price based on distance using GPS.

As per the articles linked, at least 100 drivers at the time of writing of linked articles formed the co-op and this initiative, and all of them have withdrawn from the popular ride hailing apps.

Another news article I found is : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/trichy/24-hour-helpline-launched-by-trichy-meter-auto-group/articleshow/67222058.cms


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