8Chan is a megaphone for gunmen, shut it down says its creator

8chan is a platform for violent white extremism. Three mass shootings this year has been announce in this site, the mosque massacre at Christchurch,New Zealand, the synagogue shooting in Poway, California and recent shooting at El Paso, Texas. And when you visit the site it is obviously a breeding ground for white violent extremism. Glorifying such despicable and disgusting criminal character like hitler and national socialism and all the things it stands for. This site as the creator says should be shut down before more of the same thing happens. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/04/technology/8chan-shooting-manifesto.html

8chan knocked off online. But before they acted many precious lives were lost. Cheap lives? Hate website like this should not be allowed to exist. This is not free speech but a “cesspool of hate.” Basically what these extremist are doing are debasing, degrading, demeaning. cheapened, dehumanizing etc. human lives. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/08/05/defiant-chan-vowed-fight-saying-its-heartbeat-is-strong-then-tech-firm-knocked-it-offline/

Please note that this forum is about technology causing problems and how humans can live in harmony (or without) technology. Politics, either left-wing or right-wing has no place here! Humane tech is entirely bipartisan.

This post from the beginning was political, if you fair than remove richard1 post

Yes, you have a point there. The underlying phenomena that lead to the creation of sites like this, and the mechanism of how they foster extremism, both on the left and right, are more interesting. Internet anonymity, group mechanics, trolling, fake news, etc.

I will provide some pointers to recent discussions on this topic on Hacker News that give plenty of background, and then I’ll close this thread: