The Humane Tech Community is now also on

We now have an account on, which has been discussed on this forum and recommended as an alternative to Facebook. Please join us on MeWe and share this information with your friends and colleagues. We hope to see you all there :hugs:


Our first post.

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Also posted an invitation to join on CHT’s Facebook page.

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Eight members as of this morning.

Please do consider joining and sharing your own experiences and readings. You will see that this is very different from other social media.


HI there!! Can’t find the group on MEWE

Ack, sorry! Please try this link:

Dear everyone,

We now have ten members at MeWe, and I am wondering if I might pull things from this forum to put on the MeWe page. Here are a few of the things I have in mind:

  • Websites that people have shared, with a bit of information about the sharers. A good example is the site @andreaeva mentioned today:
  • Information about a few of the admins and moderators, such as @aschrijver and @micheleminno, so that people who are not part of the forum can learn about the members.
  • A list of active meetups and the contacts for them.

If there is any objection to sharing of information, please LMK. Thank you.


In the absence of objections, I’ve started to pull things from the forum and put them on MeWe. We’re up to sixteen members now. As the admin, I’m happy with the development and progress of the group. Is anyone here interested in being an admin also?

I’d be happy for you to put our site on the page! We want to share our resources with as many parents as possible. Thank you.