5 Reasons Not To Buy A Smartphone

Here is for you a true miracle of 2013 Web: 5 Reasons To Not Buy A Smartphone.

I know that it’s already too late for almost all people, especially teenagers, but it’s written in the way that the person will likely re-think thrice about buying a smartphone.

I’m not sure it’s something Tristan Harris would approve of (too many smartphone users), but still I believe everyone should read at the very least this article before they buy one.

I pretty much agree with all of the article, especially Reason #4. Too many smartphone users have used them scrolling or thumbing away during social events.

Some great quotes from the end of the article:

These are just a handful of reasons why a smartphone may not be right for you. If you need an excuse to bat away peer pressure from your smartphone-owning friends, any of these will suffice.

I wish more people have realized about this.

It is, of course, completely up to you, and you alone, whether you want to make the jump from feature phone to smartphone. Do so knowing that once you have gone over to the dark side of smartphone ownership it’s very difficult to return to the simple pleasures of owning a humble feature phone.

It seems like it’s true. That returning is so difficult that people need articles like this: https://old.reddit.com/r/nosurf/comments/d9s5xe/dumbphone_workarounds/