You Watch TV. Your TV Watches Back.

Personalized ads on tv. You are being tracked, followed and watched. What do you think?

This was also on Financial Times and discussed here on Hacker News:


This is amazing! And it can get even better with ads in 3D with Dolby Atmos! Note: I’m being sarcastic.

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Do we really have to live this kind of world or norm? In the past Uber tracked users location even when they were not using the apps and providing third party access to drivers information without their consent and in addition using aeral tracking to identify riders. I don’t have idea if this still the norm at uber. Fitness trackers collect your health data and sell it to the advertisers. And TV companies are collecting our viewing behavior data obviously without our knowledge for sometimes now and selling it and want to see personalized ads on tv as the norm.Tech companies and others are doing anything and everything just to get our data and monetize it and to hell with our privacy. I think it’s time to take action. Support or promote privacy respecting companies. Demand better laws to protect our privacy rights. Join forces with those groups or networks that advocates elimination of unnecessary surveillance. .

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I think with television, you were already the product 50+ years ago. So it’s only playing catch-up to online tech.

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