Why does this site allowing spying by google?

google-analytics is on every page. Why not use an Open Source package like the one used by EFF.org?

Worse yet, privacy is further violated by using google fonts. google uses their “free and helpful” fonts to know every page you visit. That’s the real purpose. So if a browser (such as Brave) blocks g-a, then they still get you because every page makes a connection (with Referer) to the spies at google.

Has any non-graphics-designer in history ever marveled at how superior a site is because they use the spying fonts from google instead of the browser’s builtin fonts? No. But that’s the fad these days among webmasters who care nothing about users’ privacy.


Good point, outline. Yesterday I met Kerry Kennedy, one of RFK’s daughters, who runs The RFK Human Rights organization. She made a point that often what we opposed is ubiquitous, and that one of the major items her org focuses on is the private and public investors in the companies/organizations we believe in. Her example was the Sandy Hook School killings, where 26 children and 6 teachers were killed by a 20 year old. The teachers, of course, were members of the American Federation of Teachers. In this union’s pension fund, they had invested in companies that make semi-automatic weapons. We do need to be aware of our ecosystems, and this site should use an Open Source package. Thanks for bringing this up.

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Https: yes. Analytics: looking into what Wikimedia and EFF use.

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Despite my personal feelings about “Big Brother” watching us, I think Internet privacy is an extremely complete and impossible subject.
Free speech and privacy are somewhat of a dichotomy, no?

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I like that google analytics are public accessible or can be made public and verified by the public in most cases.

Google short codes like https://goo.gl/c6DC8i are what I use to share publicly my work because they’re convenient and the public can look up the analytics for the short code instead of trusting me. When I say something got clicked on 500 times, the public may to wonder if I have some motive to lie about that since I have the means, motive, and opportunity. When google says something of mine got clicked on 500 times it’s pretty clear their motive is not to mess with their analytics and not much more. I also trust google forms because the results are public and I trust google more not to lie about this sites form results more than I trust the creator of this site not to omit unfavorable form results.

I used to do graphic design, but I’ve also done full stack, user experience design and front end development. If you think removing google fonts is going to stop google from watching you, you are mistaken because google also watches you download your javascript libraries they write and it’s actually really hard as a front end developer and inefficient and buggy and slower for the user if you host all your basic libraries like jquery.js on your own site instead of taking advantage of googls free content delivery network which will load these things faster and at lower cost. I think the font tracking is just the minor part of how google tracks everything and getting rid of google completely is not going to be possible or feasible.

Can you guarantee your analytics are not messed with by you if you use a private analytics solution? as a site member or public visitor, I’m more worried about humantech.com lying to me about humantech.com than I am worried about google knowing or lying to me about humantech.com


That argument is very easy to dispense with: There is not a single valid reason to use google fonts that justifies the privacy invasion aspects. So don’t use them. Period. I’ve already said that. Yet it is quite the fad/fetish lately, which shows the mindset of average webmasters.

“inefficient and buggy and slower for the user if you host all your basic libraries like jquery.js…”
That’s like saying that it is too much a bother to lock your doors, or to use an AntiVirus. Or to update software with security fixes, which is what Equifax figured and that’s how millions of people are now subject to identity theft.

" taking advantage of googls free content delivery network"
google is more taking advantage of you, or rather every user of every site that you create. That’s now they got so filthy rich, by offering in effect what are small bribes for “convenience” in return for betraying users’ privacy to google.

“getting rid of google completely is not going to be possible or feasible”
It is entirely possible. Why do you make such statements? Eff.org does it as they value the privacy of their users over convenience.

As for you trusting google, that gets to the heart of this. I don’t trust them for 1 second. I don’t know why anyone would. Because they have ‘bring your pet to work day’? Because of their ‘don’t do evil’ slogan which they violate all the time? Their history of click fraud? Cooperating with censorship by the Chinese dictatorship? What makes the rapacious mega corporations of big tech so trustworthy in your eyes?

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I feel that way too. It’s hard to believe anonymity is even a real possibility. I think we should star seriously dealing with that reality and start teaching about how do things (tech) work in order to bring down this mith and give young people the tools to protect themselves and do a responsible use of social media and the www

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