Webinar March 4th: How corporate marketing makes screen time more harmful to children

Mar 4, 2019 3:30 PM

Eastern Time (US and Canada)

One of the most pervasive and troubling problems associated with children’s screen time is that most of the platforms and media aimed at kids are rife with overt and covert advertising. In this webinar, Dr. Susan Linn, founder of the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood and author of Consuming Kids and Josh Golin, CCFC’s Executive Director, will talk about how apps, games and digital devices benefit marketers at the expense of children.

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Darn, I will be in the pool at this time. But if anyone does watch/see/participate, take notes and post them here so others can see!

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@sidnya sometimes they record them and post archives- I’ll look into this and let you know… being in the pool is important!!

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“Being in the pool is important” - ofcourse a @healthyswimmer would say that :joy:

Thanks for sharing the webinar, I’ve registered :+1:t3:


Thanks! That would be awesome!

I just emailed CCFC and they said they archive all their webinars. They says if you sign up for the webinar you’ll get a direct link to the archive even if you dint attend… this is the email response…

All of are webinars are archived and posted at the Screen Time Action Network’s website here: https://screentimenetwork.org/webinar-archive

The March 4 webinar will be made available to view on demand by March 8, and if you register for the webinar (even if you can’t attend), then you’ll be sent a link to the recording when it is available.

I posted the event on twitter. Please retweet for extra attention:

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