Vehicle data collection

Your car collects not only your vehicle data but personal data as well. Car manufacturers control your data as usual with data collecting companies but decides too who will fix or repair your vehicle.


Yes, and it’s hard to completely erase data before selling it as a second-hand car. It’s scary to imagine secondhand car owner having access to private information, for example location info etc about previous owner from the car itself.
It’s all the more important why we need free (as in freedom, not cost) software everywhere , including inside cars, as it is about users’ rights and freedoms.

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CANBUS is where specific vehicle data is recorded. Automakers have the easiest access of that data and decide who can utilize the data and how.

If the software in the car and the server-side software/ systems are opensource, it will have full transparency to enable I.T and infosec experts to review and assure people that it’s secure for common people like us.

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@gkrishnaks I’m not techie but I don’t think businesses such as automakers getting enormous data will be eager to share or transparent on what and how they utilize the data they are collecting. This need I think need some kind of regulation.