Tristan Harris, Jaron Lanier speaking Mar 23 at RadicalxChange conference Detroit

On March 23 Tristan Harris and Jaron Lanier will be speaking at the 2nd day of the RadicalxChange conference, held in Detroit.

The topic of Tristan’s talk is “A New Paradigm for Technology”, and - as you guessed - this is very much related to the way forward for Humane Technology.


Thanks for sharing this, Arnold - do you know when on March 23 Jaron Lanier is speaking and what his topic is? I went to the RadicalxChange website and didn’t see him listed, but I’d make the trip to Detroit if the two of them are both speaking. I haven’t had the chance to look closely at the other speakers - none jumped out at me on first review, though they look like they have strong academic credentials - but I will look more closely. Thanks for sharing anything else you know.


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Yeah, the site is not fully up-to-date. Session descriptions and some profile photos are still missing. Very strange. Lanier is talking in the same time slot as Tristan - March 23, 16:15 - 17:00. According to the session schedule his subject is “Keeping RadicalxChange human”. See:

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