Tracking Exposed: Spotlight on tracking, profiling and the influence of algorithms

Here is an interesting research project that aims to make us aware of algorithmic targeting that occurs of a number of the big platforms:

Tracking Exposed

We fight for a web that is home for many, not property of the few!

From their manifesto:

Our main objective is to put a spotlight on users’ tracking, profiling, on the data market and on the influence of algorithms. As long as these phenomena are shielded from view or understood only by experts, they cannot be tackled with the political determination that problems of such magnitude deserve. That is why we strive to explain the issue, test and promote new solutions, developed to benefit the community.

They offer Firefox and Chrome browser plugins to analyse algorithms related to:

And Amazon Tracking Exposed and EU Elections Tracking Exposed projects are underway.

PS. I will add this to the Awareness section of our awesome-humane-tech curated list.