Thought provoking: The New Uncanny Valley

After the splendid article on The Internet of Beefs here is another brilliant analysis that was just posted on RibbonFarm:

From the article:

Mori’s Uncanny Valley concept captures the effects of making machines more human-like, with byproducts in the form of strangeness and alienation. In offloading our social interactions to technology, we are in the process of taking familiar aspects of being human and making them equally strange. The New Uncanny Valley is the gap between the physical world and its expression on the Internet. It contains contradictions involving social values and personal morality.

Be sure to read this one.

@Sido and @jcreany, this describes accurately where you should focus on with ReelFriends and really distinguish your product from other social media in reversing the trends described in the article.

Brilliant article and insightful analysis of the state of online interactions today. I’m trying to find for more pieces of wisdom by Jakub Stachurski. Thank you Arnold for sharing!

I love RobbonFarm. I had not seen this one yet, so thanks.

The articles can get a little long and wrapped up in their own intellectual journey, but the material is usually quality. I particularly like how it posits that the medium flattens human representation into a format of its likeness.