Tech for Good, May 29-31, Canada

This is Michelle in Toronto, just joined. I will be attending True North* Tech for Good in Waterloo, Ontario (close to Toronto) and look forward to sharing some highlights from the conference.

If anyone else is attending - please reach out and we could meet there.


*True North is a three-day conversation about the intersection of humans and technology. It’s an opportunity to imagine and re-imagine the impact of technology — the good and the bad. To examine the values that guide technology innovation. And to redefine tech as a force for good. Join us for provocative and positive viewpoints, transformative workshops and vibrant social mash-ups.

Join the conversation about AI, fake news, diversity and other issues that make us afraid and/or hopeful.


Hi @MindEQuity ,
Thanks for posting! I realize this is from last year … but I see there will be a 2019 edition. How was the 2018 event? Will you be attending again? I’m also in the Toronto area.


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I see that the next conference is at June 19-20, 2019. Inspiring stuff! Also a great website.

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