Starting a Business Without being on Social Media

Looking for some perspectives on the following… I’ve been off social media for 9 years (Instagram, FB, Twitter, LInkedIn) and really enjoy the freedom of not being “addicted” to them. However, recently, I embarked on building a new business (app) and I’m worried that if I’m not on social media I’m going to be dead in the water. A few weeks ago, I did create a LinkedIn account and published a medium article but haven’t done much else. I’ve noticed nowadays there’s a heavy focus on brand identity - whether your an individual brand or your startup is a brand. Anyone come across success stories on how people have navigated through this ? Or if you’ve read any articles on this or have some insights please share… (for example, I see Tristan is on Twitter and LinkedIn so thinking I may just have to figure out a way to make the platforms work for me vs. being taken over by them)