Stanford Webinar "The Innovator’s Guide to Ethics"

Link at Stanford:

I haven’t watched it yet I got it emailed to me from stanford but might be of use to us here.

From the website:

As a leader, entrepreneur, or innovator, you’re paving the way to the future and making decisions that will impact the lives of those around you. With this influence comes a heavy responsibility to make ethical decisions and remain connected to your principles and values as you grow. How are company shares divided? Who’s on the board?

In this webinar, Tom Byers and Jack Fuchs will give you guidance on how to brave ethical dilemmas in your life, career, and ventures. They’ll focus on the principles of personal development and empowerment to give you a solid foundation from which to build your ethical code.

You will learn

To understand the importance of applying ethics to innovation and entrepreneurship
To define ethics, values, and principles as they relate to your work
To recognize the levels of analytics involved in ethical behaviors (personal to team to enterprise to industry to society)
To develop a personal set of principles that guide your decisions

Thanks for sharing, going to check it out.