Satayagraha movement on data privacy and behavioural targeting

Hi Everybody,

I am Praveen Anasurya, founder of Metafact, an AI powered factchecking organisation. we have been working on online disinformation from last three years. Recently we realised no amount on advanced AI tools will work unless platform companies change their business models around behavioural targeting. Government alone can’t influence global players to change their business models. It is everybody’s responsibility to fix this problem. Google and Facebook added a lot of value to the society but at core they have a big problem. Even people running these organisations are ethical it is difficult for them to fix this themselves without external intervention.At Metafact, We have been studying these from last 3 years, analysed lot of possible solutions. We found out there is one tool which always worked and it is Satyagraha ( civil disobedience), which has high success rate than any tools. We started first Satyagraha movement on privacy, we call it “Data Humara toh Desh Humara”. Currently we are doing the ground work and will be out with detailed structure very soon. we would like to know the opinion of group members on such movements to put external pressure on platform companies.

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Welcome to the community, Praveen! It will be very interesting to hear more on this method of applying civil disobedience you mention.

Hello Praveen! Kudos on driving this initiative. Can you elaborate how I (and other interested folks in this community) can get involved/contribute to what you have going on?

Hi Praveen, I’m definitely interested in hearing a bit more. I personally agree that there need to be fundamental changes to this type of business model, and I’d love to find ways to make that happen. Please keep us posted!