Review of Apple iOS 12 new Screen Time app that helps you limit your iPhone usage

Apple announces Digital Health app as part of iOS 12 at WWDC 2018

Apple has announced a new Digital Health app as part of their iOS 12 fall release. This is a fantastic move I believe.

Excerpt from The Verge:

Apple is also paying attention to users’ health, specifically their digital health with a new digital health app. The app allows you to limit usage and screen time, and gives more configurability to Do Not Disturb and family monitoring for parents concerned about their children’s device usage.


Now that it is released some time ago, here is more info on the Screen Time app, in this WSJ article compiled by a highly addicted user:

WSJ: Apple Couldn’t Cure My iPhone Addiction

Here is the link to the video accompanying the article: Video

The given details will be very useful for the ios users as they can have the new screen to which will limit the iPhone usage and it will also save the battery usage as well. I hope it will be effective to solve iTunes error 9