ResponsibleTechWork: Responsible product development

An open-source framework developed by tech workers for tech workers

ResponsibleTech.Work is an initiative by Alja Isaković and Daniel Hartley. They offer a framework that “equips tech workers with practical tools for more responsible product development”. It consists of three components:

  1. Pledges: Get INSPIRED to act
  2. Methodologies: EVOLVE existing processes
  3. Tools: ACT responsibly every day

The goal of the framework is to help all tech workers develop and modify products and features to be more safe, inclusive, and sustainable and help tech founders and decision-makers make informed decisions on whether a new product or feature should be built.

The framework drives insights from the following disciplines:

  • ethics,
  • diversity & inclusivity,
  • sustainability,
  • systems thinking.

The Pledges are most interesting as they are foundational to the framework and I’ll list them here:

  1. Respect people I build products for and treat them as friends, not users.

  2. Protect people against abuse and harassment made possible by our product.

  3. Make our product more accessible to people with different abilities.

  4. Consider the broader social impacts of our product.

  5. Consider the environmental impacts of everyday product decisions.

  6. Work with and learn from a diverse team of people.

  7. Take personal responsibility for my own work and impact, regardless of job title.

Recommend checking out the website where much more background is provided.